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Megan Thee Stallion defends herself against trolls following 'NYT' op-ed

Emilio Coochie

Megan Thee Stallion is shutting down her haters. 

On Tuesday, the “Savage” rapper penned a powerful essay for the New York Times and in the piece, titled “Why I Speak Up for Black Women,” she preached the need to protect Black women, expressing that they “are still constantly disrespected and disregarded in so many areas of life.” She also used her own experience of being the victim of violence by a man as an example. 

However, even after delivering her message urging for change, she received the the same old treatment of skepticism and criticism from online trolls. 

One Twitter user wrote, “If @theestallion is taking advantage of this #PROTECTBLACKWOMEN and pandering, she gonna lose a lot of fans when the facts comes out.”

Megan wasted no time issuing a clap back, responding, “This is exactly the type of dumb comment that makes me scream PROTECT BLACK WOMEN. Please tell me why I would need to lie [about] being shot to promote the protection of women… like out of all the things to lie about … this is sad coming out of a BLACK MAN’S MOUTH.”

The op-ed piece was also published along with a video, which the 25-year-old rapper shared to social media. 

“This piece really means a lot to me and I hope it touches everyone,” she captioned the clip. “I will never bite my tongue, I will never allow anyone to silence me, I will never be scared to stand up for myself and others, and I [FOR] SURE WILL NEVER BE SCARED TO BE MY TRUE AUTHENTIC STRONG BLACK SELF thank you @nytopinion for the platform and thank you to all the beautiful women involved.”

By Danielle Long
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