Mike Burke

Meet The Woman Who Is The Voice Behind “Siri”

Have you ever wondered how she may look  ? Many in the United States hear her voice everywhere becaues she is the voice of Apple, Inc.’s “Siri” . Her name is Carol Bennett.

In June 2005, the software company Scan Soft was looking for someone to be the voice for a database project involving speech construction. ScanSoft inquired with GM Voices and selected Bennett, who happened to be present when the scheduled voice-over artist was absent. She worked in a home recording booth in July 2005, more than four hours each day, reading phrases and sentences. The recordings were then linked into the various words, sentences, and paragraphs used in the Siri voice. Bennett became aware she was the voice of Siri when a friend contacted her through email in October 2011.

Despite Apple not having acknowledged or confirmed its use of Bennett, audio-forensics experts hired by CNN expressed 100 percent certainty that Bennett is the voice of Siri.