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Meek Mill shares passionate new song, "Other Side of America"

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Meek Mill is reporting live from the “Other Side of America” with his new single. 

The Philly rapper passionately expresses his anguish and fear towards police in the wake of George Floyd‘s death, while reflecting on his childhood growing up in Philly.

The track closes with a clip from Meek’s 2018 interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish, where he recalls the experience of many black youths who grew up in a “ruthless neighborhood…not protected by police.”

“I always dreamed of being on CNN to be able to express myself and speak for the voiceless young men of America,” he said.  “I grew up in America in a ruthless neighborhood where we are not protected by police. We grew up in ruthless environments; we grew up around murder.

Meek continued: “I think if you grew up in my neighborhood, [where], you see seven people die a week, I think you would probably carry a gun yourself.”

The rapper then asked Smerconish, “Would you?”

The host responded, “Yeah, I probably would.”

Sharing a video clip of the interview on Instagram, Meek wrote, “‘Other side of America’ and I’m staying there forever.”

By Rachel George
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