Mayor Keith James files lawsuit against challenger Rodeny Mayo

The mayor of West Palm Beach has filed a lawsuit against his sole challenger in the March mayoral election.

Keith James is trying to disqualify Rodney Mayo from running against him, claiming Mayo does not live in the city.

James is also suing Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Wendy Sartory Link and his own city of West Palm Beach, asking a judge to stop them from allowing Mayo’s candidacy to move forward.

James’ lawsuit claims Subculture Restaurant Group owner Mayo doesn’t live in the city and so doesn’t qualify to be a candidate.

“Our campaign believes that Rodney Mayo is not a resident of the city of West Palm Beach, and that he is not a candidate that should be qualified to be able to be on the ballot and for the March election,” said James’ campaign consultant Rick Asnani.

Mayo said he does live in the city, right on Clematis Street above his Respectable Street Café which he opened in 1987.

“My address has always been 520 Clematis, upstairs. I’ve had a water bill in my name since 1982, electric in my name since 1982,” Mayo said.