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Master P says this generation can learn a lot from his 'No Limit Chronicles' docu-series

Courtesy of BET

Last month, Percy “Master P” Miller shared the first two parts of his No Limit Chronicles docu-series, which documents his extraordinary journey from humble beginnings to rap pioneer.

He said it’s the perfect time to take people through his journey of building an empire that would change the scope of hip-hop forever.

“I think the timing is right,” P tells ABC Audio. “I mean when you look at everything we’re going through, even as far as hip hop. You know, hip hop we’re dying young. And I wanted this generation to see everything that I went through and things I was able to overcome by my putting my trust and faith in God and just working hard.”

He said the wrong move would have ended his life and career but he thanks God for using him as a source of inspiration to others. 

“One wrong move and I wouldn’t have been here right now,” P said. “I just thank the man above for sparing my life and hopefully, I can share my testimony with this generation.”

“I could have given up a long time ago, but I had people around me that pushed me,” he continues. “I pushed myself, I believed in myself and I also found some great talent to go on this journey with me, that’s where No Limit Soldiers comes from.” 

The five-part No Limit Chronicles will feature candid interviews with No Limit greats such as Snoop DoggSilkk the Shocker, MystikalMia XFiendMr. Serv-on, and more. 

Tune in for new episodes each Wednesday on BET at 9 p.m. ET.

By Rachel George
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