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Mary J. Blige says her 'Power Book 2: Ghost' character Monet might be her real life "alter ego"

D’Andre Michael

Mary J. Blige has been keeping busy since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down production on her highly anticipated Power spinoff, Power Book 2: Ghost

Blige tells ABC Audio that she and her Power Book 2 cast “were almost done shooting in New York” when they had to abruptly stop. However, that hiatus apparently didn’t prevent the actress-singer from working on other projects, including some new music, the development of her My Life album documentary, and even a brand-new beverage.

“I have a nice wine that’s coming,” Blige teases. “It’s called Sun Goddess. It’s really nice, it tastes really good for those that like wine. And, you know, I’m working.”

For Blige, getting back to work means going on set to finish the first season of Power Book 2, which just released it first teaser. Now that fans finally got a glimpse of her sassy crime boss character, Monet, many want to know what they can expect. Blige says expect the unexpected.

“She’s a savage,” Blige laughs. “That’s it. Monet is a savage.”

She adds, “There’s nothing else that could describe her.  She might be my alter ego.  I mean, we all have flip sides,” Blige explains. “Monet might be…my flip side.”

From the looks of the new trailer, Monet isn’t a crime boss you want to mess with.

Power Book 2: Ghost premieres in September on Starz.

By Candice Williams
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