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Mary J. Blige is launching her own collection of limited edition wines

D’Andre Michael

Mary J. Blige is jumping into the wine business!  The “Family Affair” artist announced Tuesday that she’s teaming up with the Fantinel Winery to launch her own collection of limited edition wines.

Called the “Sun Goddess Wines,” fans can expect bottles of tasty Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc curated by Blige herself.  Apparently, those two whites are her favorite summer go-tos.

Speaking with Essence, the nine-time Grammy Award winner credits her friend Maxwell for inspiring her to expand her empire into the wine industry; saying he was the one who first brought her to the Fantinel Winery.  It resulted in a fateful meeting and things began rolling from there.

“One of [Maxwell’s] friends happened to be Marco Fantinel, from the Fantinel Winery,” Blige revealed. “I was drinking white wine with them all night long, [the Fantinels] asked, ‘do you want to do a wine?’ I didn’t even hesitate.”

As for why the 49-year-old settled on the name “Sun Goddess,” she says it’s a nod to her sister LaTonya

“She gave me the name and I ran with it,” Explained Blige, detailing how she can withstand lounging in the hot sun longer than anyone else.  “So other people are getting burned and I’m not. My sister will say, ‘I’m not messing with Sun Goddess today. I’m out of here!'”

For fans curious about what Blige’s wines will taste like, the “Real Love” singer detailed that her blush colored-Pinot Grigio bucks the traditional oaky flavor by opting for fruitier notes like peach and melon.

As for her Sauvignon Blanc, she says it’s made with hand-picked grapes and contains spicy notes of yellow bell pepper along with hints of banana and melon.

Sun Goddess Wines, priced at $20, can be purchased now.  Orders ship July 5.

By Megan Stone
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