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Mary J. Blige drops new single, "Can't Be Life," from her new film, 'Body Cam'



Mary J. Blige says this “Can’t Be Life” on the new single featured on the soundtrack for her film Body Cam

Blige tapped a few of her longtime collaborators for the single, including Chucky ThompsonDenis RichBruce Miller, and songwriting vets such as Stacy BartheJimmy Cozier and Aaron Phillips

She believes the song serves as the perfect ending for the crime thriller, which speaks candidly to the current times. 

“And I was like, ‘Wow, what a perfect song to end this with, because it can’t be life,” Mary tells ABC Audio. “This can’t be life [when] our people being just killed and murdered… and we don’t have a police system that can help us. …So it’s time to move to a higher vibration and try to do something different.”

Blige stars in Body Cam as a police office who, after her partner’s unexplained death, discovers police corruption in her department, while on a manhunt to find a supernatural killer.

The film also stars Nat Wolff and Anika Noni Rose, and is directed by Malik Vitthal, whose directorial debut, Imperial Dreams, won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

Body Cam is now available for digital purchase from Paramount Pictures..

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