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Marvin Sapp shares why we needed his new album, Chosen Vessel

Kauwuane Burton

Today, Gospel legend Marvin Sapp shares his 12th studio album, Chosen Vessel, inspired by and named after the 100-year old church he took over in Fort Worth, Texas.

The “Thank You For It All” singer says the transition from his hometown in Michigan to Texas, as a pastor, has definitely put things into perspective and offered him a different meaning on life. 

“The name of my church is Chosen Vessel. So, I began to think about what that actually means,” Sapp tells ABC Audio. “And for me, it meant that even in the midst of all of my mishaps and all of my challenges and even though I’m extremely flawed, God still chose me.”

Despite the pandemic and other happenings going on in the world, Sapp intentionally wanted to release, Chosen Vessel, to offer a different version of himself to the community he moved into in Texas.

“The reason we did it [was] because it was more or less an introduction to the community, in which I moved into,” Sapp tells ABC Audio. “And because of that, I wanted to try to give them a different aspect of who I was. 

“Because they had already begun to experience me as pastor but I wanted them also to experience me as the recording artist as well,” he continued. 

With Chosen Vessel, Sapp said he “needed to remind people that even though you may think that you’re disqualified because you may not dot every I and cross every T, you still need to remember that you have been chosen at such time as this.”

Chosen Vessel is out now.

By Rachel George
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