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Marques Houston is still gushing about becoming a father for the first time

Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET

Marques Houston became a father for the first time on December 2, and now, two months later, he’s still excited about his daughter, Zara.

“I’ve learned that being a father is one of my greatest accomplishments and being a husband is one of my greatest accomplishments,” the former member of the group Immature tells ABC Audio. Marques married Zara’s mother, Miya Dickey, in August 2020.

“What I’m most focused on is being a great husband to my wife and being a great father, and raising my daughter and teaching her great values and everything in life,” the 40-year-old entertainer continues. 

Houston began recording in 1992 when he was 11 years old, and one year later, he launched his acting career. He stars in the new film Howard High, which debuted February 4 on the Tubi streaming service. Houston co-produced the movie, and he says it reminds him of his 2004 film, You Got Served.

“We have love, we have drama, we have conflict, we have everything that a film can give you. And also, we have the dance and the elements of You Got Served, ’cause, you know, we love that dance…battle,” he comments. 

After nearly 30 years as a singer and actor, Houston’s career is changing. On February 4, the same day Howard High debuted, he released his first new solo album in nine years, simply titled, Me. Now, he’s notes that he’s focusing on taking his creativity into new areas.

“God has blessed me with so much and I’m just so appreciative,” Houston says. “Moving into this next chapter with writing and producing, and that’s where I am now, and that’s what I really, really enjoy, writing these stories and watching them come together.”

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