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Mario talks defunding the police and building more "melanated-owned businesses"

Courtesy of Mario

Following his thought-provoking single, “Rewrite It,” Mario describes the phrase, Black Lives Matter, as “a call to action to study, to understand, to fight for what you believe in.”

“It’s a call to action for us to unite more and do more things that will directly affect our communities,” the R&B singer shared during a recent VIBE interview. “It’s a call to action for all of those people that are out there of many different races, fighting for the cause, to show them what our unity can do. It’s time for us to really be the change that we want to see.”

Mario recognized the change that needs to take place, but he also recognizes that many need to be held accountable for the many lives lost at the hands of police.

“We need to focus on, of course, okay, defund the police. We need to focus on getting convictions,” the “Closer” singer said. “That needs to be our main focus because, at the end of the day, we need immediate convictions. We don’t need to be waiting three, four months. We don’t need to be.”

Mario then encouraged the Black community to start studying more and saving money. “We’ve got to start building our own businesses, which there’s a lot of melanated-owned businesses out there,” Mario said. “And we need to just start studying and reading more, and really understanding laws, and understanding what it is that we need.”

Mario also revealed he will soon begin hosting virtual tours via

By Rachel George
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