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Mariah Carey praises super fans for memorizing the spoken intro to her 2006 Grammy performance

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Sure, any Mariah Carey fan can sing her hits, but how many can recite one of her speeches word-for-word?  Well, there are at least two Mimi stans who can — and the diva herself is full of praise for them.

Mariah tweeted a video of two men — it’s not clear if they’re related or simply friends — sitting at the dinner table and launching into a simultaneous recitation of the videotaped introduction that Mariah did at the 2006 Grammy awards, prior to a performance of “We Belong Together” and “Fly Like a Bird.” 

The speech runs just under 40 seconds, and the two men stick with it all the way, inserting every pause and “um,” becoming more and more excited, until they finally reach the end: “…and I’m just grateful to God for giving me this gift.”

At that point, one of the men says, “And then ‘We Belong Together’ came on, and then ‘Fly Like a Bird’ and then standing ovation and it was shut down!  Grammys 2006!”  The two guys then high-five each other delightedly.

“LIVING. FOR. THIS.” Mariah captioned the video, along with three “laughing so hard I’m crying” emojis.

By Andrea Dresdale
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