Many Doctors Are Concerned About “COVID-19 Spread” After Long Weekend.

For many, the long, holiday weekend meant a time to relax, enjoy some time off, and travel to see friends and family.

But for many in the medical community, the long holiday weekend meant a potential spike in the pandemic.

Etienne is an infectious disease physician in Lantana. He said he worries that as unvaccinated people moved around the country, they were interacting with more people than they normally would, especially if they used any sort of public transportation.

Etienne believes some of those people may have COVID-19 and not know, spreading it wherever they went.

“They can not only bring it to other populations or other groups, but they can also bring it back to where they came from,” he said.

Another concern for Etienne: the Labor Day weekend also meant the widespread return of college football and the return of tens of thousands of people crammed into stadiums.