Man Who Jumped Off United Flight During Takeoff Blames Crystal Meth For Poor Decision

A man jumped out of a United flight preparing to take off from LAX claims meth made him do it and there was no other way to escape the sounds he was hearing.

With the pandemic travel returning to peak capacity, the ratchetness is at an all-time high. From returning a rental car to simply checking a bag, it’s not as easy as it used to be. If you have social media, you’ve seen people expressing frustrations not only with wait times but the experiences once they are on the planes. Passengers are eating full tins of seafood, trying to open plane doors while in the air, and much more.

Perhaps nothing will top the story The Washington Post reported of a man from LAX actually succeeding in jumping out of a United flight leaving LAX and his reason will surprise you…or not.

Victoria Dominguez then allegedly sprinted to the front of the plane and tried to enter the cockpit, banging on the door. When he was unsuccessful, he delivered on his promise: He opened an emergency exit door and leaped out of the plane, court documents state.

Now, Victoria Dominguez faces a 20-year maximum sentence in federal prison on the charge of interfering with the flight crew, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in the Central District of California, which filed a complaint detailing the incident Sunday. It was not immediately clear whether Victoria Dominguez had a lawyer to comment on his behalf.

When police asked why he did all of this, he responded by saying he was in a hotel in Los Angeles smoking meth for days and when he came down, he couldn’t handle it. He claimed to hear all the voices of the people on board and it sent him into a panic. Let this be a lesson leave meth alone.