Man shoots his girlfriend 4 times because his unemployment password wouldn’t work

Clayton Co. woman shot 4 times because boyfriend’s unemployment password wouldn’t work Officers arrived at the scene and found a woman sitting in her car screaming hysterically for help. It was just before 4:00 a.m. on July 29. As officers got closer, they could see blood everywhere and knew she needed immediate help. A police spokesperson told CBS46 in a statement, she was “bleeding profusely from four bullet holes in her left arm.” Officer’s training kicked into high gear, and their actions may have saved the woman’s life. Police quickly reacted and applied a tourniquet to her arm to stop the bleeding. Once officers stabilized the victim’s arm, the investigation began. Who would want to shoot her four times? Why did the person shoot her? Once officers and investigators calmed the woman down and stopped the bleeding, she was able to answer detective’s questions. The woman told police she got into an argument with her 29-year-old boyfriend. Detectives probed further—what type of argument would prompt her boyfriend to shoot her four times in the arm? She said her boyfriend, Brandon Strong, was upset because his password for his unemployment account would not work. During their argument, the woman said Strong “picked up a gun and shot [her] multiple times.” After the shooting, she picked up her child and ran from their home. To the most veteran officer, it was hard to see the connection—how could an argument over a password for an unemployment account end in a woman being shot four times?