Man Attempts to Destroy George Floyd Square Memorial with Ax

A man full of hate tried his best to destroy the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis, but he got scared away … and left his ax behind.

The video tells the story … the man drives up to the memorial site — a block from where Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd — at around 2 AM Sunday. As you can see … he pulls up in his pickup truck, gets out and begins vandalizing the area by removing barricades and ripping down Black Lives Matter signs.

He continues his rampage as he moves to the square’s shed, and that’s when he decides to go back to his truck and retrieve an ax. Yeah, it’s pretty shocking.

After taking several whacks at the structure, the man puts his ax down and some people in the area begin yelling at him to scram. He does … but he forgets his ax.

George Floyd Square’s Instagram account has posted a reaction to the man’s tirade, sharing a photo of the shed façade fully intact with the simple caption, “We fine.”

We’re told a police report has not yet been filed for the incident.