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Luke James talks having creative control over his music after 'to feel love/d'

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At the top of the year, Luke James released his first independent album, to feel love/d.

He tells ABC Audio that going forward, he’ll be continuing down this independent path in his music career. 

“Ownership is the most important thing that anyone can have on us being creatives and stuff,” James says. “In this space, I can control the timing and everything. Being an actor as well, you know, sometimes schedules don’t coincide.”

The Chi actor says he enjoys being able to make his “own rules” and “create” on his own time, which makes it easier for him to do both acting and singing.

Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t have to deal with a major label or “a bunch of people” who may feel “they have a say” in his music career.

“Because when you go into business with people like that and they’re spending their money, they feel that they have a say,” James continued. “And so that’s not my way.”

James said he’s just “grateful” and “glad” people received to feel love/d so well.

“This album is special. It’s my first all-on-my-own album,” he said. “I’m a bit elated that I released it. I’m grateful that I’m able to support my team.” 

For James, music speaks to the “open” and “vulnerable” way he chooses to live his life and express his art.

“If I can’t tell my truth there, then where can I?” adds James. “If I can’t do it in my art, then why do it anyway?”

By Rachel George
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