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Luke James explains what led him back to music after six years

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Between his 2014 self-titled debut and his latest album, to feel love/d, R&B singer Luke James took a six-year hiatus from music because he says he was “bored.” 

“I had fallen out of love with just like the whole rhythm of recording and putting music out and that whole system,” James tells ABC Audio. “And I was bored.”

The “all of your love” singer said he was dealing with “a lot of different things” at that point in his life when he fell into acting.

“I didn’t feel it in music and an opportunity to act came at the same time when I needed something else creative to motivate me,” he added. 

After Fox’s Star was canceled, James played Johnny Gill in BET’s New Edition miniseries and was featured in the film, Little. This year, he joined the third season of Lena Waithe‘s award-winning series, The Chi.

James said acting brought him back to the feeling of “when I first found music or when music found me.”

“I had to dive into a lot of different types of music that I hadn’t listened to in forever,” he continues. “So that just…reinvigorated my vibration, my musical vibration. So, yeah, that’s kind of why I took a little hiatus, and then acting just came about.”

“I had to just take my time with that because I really love it,” adds James.

By Rachel George
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