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Ludacris responds to Omeretta’s “Sorry Not Sorry”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

(NOTE LANGUAGE) LOL if you thought for a second Ludacris lost his rap steelo. 

The 44-year-old rapper dropped a minute-and-three-seconds of lyrical genius in his response to fellow Atlanta rapper Omeretta The Great‘s “Sorry Not Sorry.”

The original track shook up both the airwaves and social media for its catchy yet controversial lyrics. In the song, Omeretta lists names of towns she says are “not Atlanta,” including Ludacris’ place of fame, College Park.

“I was born in Illinois, mama making hella noise,” Luda starts in the response track. He then goes on to enlighten listeners of his Atlanta journey including getting rich, going to school and contributing “millions of dollars” to the city of Atlanta. 

Though it seems to be a diss track to those who may be from Atlanta outskirts, Omeretta posted the response track on Twitter in support saying, “Luda popping his s***.”

Fans went wild. And then begged for more from Luda. Not sure if more is coming but for now this viral, one minute, reminder verse should do the trick. 

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