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Ludacris launches Kid Nation to educate children about current events through song

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Following civil unrest of the shooting deaths of George FloydBreonna Taylor and other African Americans — along with the COVID-19 pandemic, Ludacris is hoping his new platform will make it easier for children to learn about current events through music, no matter how upsetting the topic may be.

The “Rollout” artist announced Monday that the website for his new initiative, called Kid Nation, is now live.  In addition, he also moved up the release of his new song “Get Along,” which explores the optimism children have about making the world a better place.

“KidNation was built on the foundation of enrichment through entertainment for the next generation,” the website’s front page reads. “With everything going on in this world, we felt extremely passionate about releasing ‘Get Along’ early. The message is simple but needed now more than ever.”

Ludacris continues to press, “We tell our kids how important it is to lead with love. Somewhere along the way, we sometimes forget that.”  The rapper hopes that the release of “Get Along” will help “remind” parents about showing more compassion and patience.

In tandem with the new song, Kid Nation is hosting a contest challenging children to create their own rendition of the “Get Along” song. Winners will be featured on the website.

The platform offers other fun activities and challenges to help engage its young visitors, such as the “Stay Clean” challenge, which educates children about protecting themselves from COVID-19.

The website, which boasts itself as “a fun, safe, and educational media platform for kids” is still in its early stages, but the three-time Grammy winner, along with business partner Sandy Lal, they anticipate their product will fully launch this fall.

By Megan Duly
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