Local Medical Spa Looks To New Technology To Stay Safe During Pandemic!

Ellen Bauer, the founder of the Wellness Jar Medical Spa, said she’s trying to take action to combat COVID-19.

“This was something that was an extra step,” she said. “That means every touch point if you will has an added layer that it isn’t going to be contaminated.”

Bauer is referring to using nano-technology as a spray method. She said they are the only medical spa in the state using it.

“For us, we double dip if you will,” said Bauer. “We still follow the protocols to wipe down surfaces, but ultimately I know we have gone beyond that.”

“This is a novel way of attacking pathogens in our environment,” said Dr. Dan Kapp, a surgeon. “This is similar to what we use in the operating room.”

Dr. Kapp explained how it works,

“If you could imagine, you have a bed of nails, and the pathogen comes along and the pointy spikes of the nails are facing up and the pathogen is attracting to those pointy spikes because there is a positive charge, and then that pointy spike busts open the pathogen.”

Bauer said she’s also looking ahead.

“As a small business, the other thing we were looking at is in flu season, it goes through an office,” she said. “As a small business with only a few employees, you can be shut down.”

Dr. Kapp said businesses using this is a sign of the times.

“That’s pretty remarkable that we’ve gone from wiping down things with soap and water to using cutting edge technology to reducing the bacteria in the environment,” he said.