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Lizzo says the two party system no longer benefits Americans

Luke Gilford


Following the first presidential debate, which was mired by chaos, Lizzo took to Instagram to share her thoughts about why she thinks the two party system is failing America.

The “Truth Hurts” singer opened up in a lengthy video posted Wednesday morning about her thoughts, starting with a story about her watching the 9/11 attacks when she was in middle school and why she thinks that triggered a deep divide within the country.

“Nothing has been peaceful since,” Lizzo somberly noted. “I think it’s important to realize that this newer generation, we are not from the generation of Republican or Democrat.”

“We didn’t grow up with that rhetoric, that ideal,” the Grammy winner furthered. “We grew up with right or wrong.  Good or bad.  And it’s almost toxic to grow up with that mentality and only have Red or Blue to choose from.”

That’s why she believes the two party system no longer works in the country because people are starting to “superimpose good on one and bad on the other.”

“That’s why, when I speak, I’m not speaking to a political party,” the Hustlers star continued. “I’m speaking to human beings.”

Lizzo admitted that it’s becoming harder to inspire people to register to vote and participate in the upcoming election because there always seems to be a political spin placed on it.

“I have no insinuation on who you want to vote for and no insinuation on what party you want to vote for you,” she explained, saying her message is directed at all voters because “this country is still going whether we want it to or not.”

“The fact that we go off a two party system ain’t together at all,” she remarked, reminding fans of the age old phrase: United we stand, divided we fall.

By Megan Stone
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