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Lizzo honors late father on 12th anniversary of his passing: "Love never dies"

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Lizzo made waves at the 63rd Grammy Awards when introducing the award for Best New Artist, but there was one person in her life who she wishes was around to see that big moment — her father.

The 32-year-old “Juice” singer took to Instagram Wednesday to share a throwback family photo in honor of her late father.

“12 years since we lost you, dad. I wish you could see this,” wrote Lizzo, in regards to her successful career. “I’d say you wouldn’t believe it—but you knew what I would achieve even back when I couldn’t.”

Continued the three-time Grammy winner, “Hug your people today y’all. Tell em you love them. It matters.. all the hugs and love I gave my daddy are still here. I can feel it. Love never dies.”

Lizzo later took to her Instagram stories to reveal a journal passage she wrote to commemorate the solemn occassion.

“12 years today since I lost my father. 6 years since I realized you can’t lose anyone you love,” she reflected. “Dad – your flesh weakened but your spirit is strong and I know because you move me like wind at my back.”

“I hear your quiet voice in my head as I walk my path,” continued Lizzo, adding that whenever she feels afraid, she feels his presence.

“You breathed life into me and as long as there’s air in my lungs you are here.  And as long as I hear ‘Rocketman’ in March or September… I know you’re watching,” she concluded.

The “Truth Hurts” rapper lost her father in 2009, a year which she previously revealed was among the worst of her life.

By Megan Stone
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