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“Live and love out loud”: Gabrielle Union talks parenting and loving daughter Zaya Wade

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Gabrielle Union is known for publicly supporting her daughter-by-marriage, Zaya Wade, who at the age of 12 came out as transgender. Gabrielle recently chatted with Buzzfeed about the importance of showing up for her children and “loving out loud.”

In response to the criticism that she and husband Dwyane Wade faced during Zaya’s coming-out, Union told Buzzfeed, “It’s important for us to live and love out loud. We didn’t exactly understand why [supporting Zaya’s trans identity] was a thing because it’s like, we love all our kids out loud.”

The Cheaper by the Dozen actress says she and Dwyane respect their children’s decisions and it is their duty to show up for them all, including Zaire and Xavier, Zaya’s brothers, and three-year-old daughter Kaavia James Union Wade.

“It’s our job to be loving, compassionate, protective guides for our children, but their lives are their lives and we have to respect that,” Gabrielle said. “We do not believe in any kind of shaming for existing. That is bizarre, cruel, harmful.”

In continued support and public display of love for her children, the 49-year-old actress said she and her husband will continue to be supportive, and will do so unafraid of possible backlash. “We’re going to speak out loud and lead in however each situation calls for us to be leaders when things are not where they should be,” she said. 

Union’s comments come at a time when lawmakers are seeking progression on anti-LGBTQ legislation all across the country.

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