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Listen to Bardo's new song "Lotería"

Vanessa Velaquaez

Latin singer and rapper Bardo shares his new song, “Lotería.”

The Chicago-bred artist wanted to express the emotion one feels when you’ve found that special someone who makes you forget about everything else in your life.  

“Look at what ya doing to me. It’s been one year, four months and a couple of weeks,” Bardo raps on the groovy track. “And yet and still nothing compares to the nights on the beach.”

Bardo is an upcoming artist who spent most of his childhood living abroad in Italy, Spain and Japan. Though he was fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, he took a liking to music from some of his parents’ favorite artists including A Tribe Called Quest, Omar Lye-Fook and The Roots.

His broad, global view of the world has allowed him to not only be able to rap and sing in multiple languages but also allow him to draw inspiration from multiple places and tap into various audiences. 

“Lotería” is available on Apple Music and Spotify, along with Bardo’s 2017 project, Gringo

By Rachel George
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