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Lil Duval says he’s “selling a vibe” in his new comedy special ‘Living My Best Life’

Courtesy of Allblk

It took close to 20 years for it to happen, but social media personality Lil Duval has finally landed his own stand-up comedy special, Living My Best Life.

Named after his catchy 2018 song with Snoop Dogg, “Smile (Living My Best Life),” Duval’s first-ever comedy special combines sketch-comedy, with his unique brand of humor and music. Duval tells ABC Audio that this project — which is a bit toned down from his usual controversial comedy — isn’t just about making people laugh, it’s about selling “a vibe.” 

“I feel like I sell energy,” he says. “And now is the most important time because now that everybody [is starting] to get back into the routine of things — it’s perfect.”

Duval, who considers himself this generation’s Sammy Davis Jr., believes that his special can be compared to “a Vegas show.”

“It puts you in the mindset of Vegas, or the old Rat Pack, like when they told jokes in song, and did skits, and things like that,” he says. “So that’s kind of what this show is.”

Duval’s Living My Best Life, which features an appearance from actress Bresha Webb, premiered exclusively on video on demand for Allblk. It will also be available to stream this summer.

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