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Lecrae says he's "grateful for Black Twitter['s]" constructive criticism

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On his new album, RestorationLecrae is all about growth and fresh perspectives about faith, life, and love, among other topics. 

The Grammy-winning musician says he’s grateful for “Black Twitter,” which often holds him accountable for his unapologetic views about racism, injustice, and other topics regarding the Church. 

“I’m grateful for Black Twitter because Black Twitter will hold your feet to the fire,” Lecrae shared with Essence. “I survived the gauntlet and I’m grateful for it. Let’s use our voices constructively but we don’t want to create a mob mentality where we kill valuable individuals and we mute them when they simply just needed to grow.”

Lecrae credits Austin Channing Brown, author of I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness, for helping him to better engage within heavy public conversations.

“She came to me so gently and so lovingly. It wasn’t like a pat on the back,” he admitted. “It was firm but it was gentle. I could tell she wanted me to grow. She didn’t just want to slap me and I think that’s a healthier way for people to grow but more than anything, I would tell folks, have some friends in your life to tell you because they ain’t going nowhere. They’re going to tell you about yourself and they’re going to be right there to help you walk through.”

Earlier this week, Lecrae dropped a music video to his latest single, “Over the Top” from his 14-track album, Restoration.

To accompany the album’s theme, Lecrae is also working on his second book, I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion, But Found My Faith, a follow-up to his New York Times best-seller, Unashamed.

By Rachel George
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