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Koryn Hawthorne details her "fun" experience working with Johnta Austin and Troy Taylor

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Grammy-nominated singer Koryn Hawthorne is still celebrating her single “Speak To Me” from her latest #1 album, I AM. The song’s music video recently reached over one million views on YouTube.

Hawthorne tells ABC Audio it was a “fun process” recording in the studio with the song’s Grammy-winning team: songwriter Johnta Austin and producer Troy Taylor.

“Johnta [Austin] actually stepped out and wrote the song in like 15 minutes, I’m not kidding,” she tells ABC Audio. “And then, I went on and recorded it with Troy Taylor. This is actually one of my favorite songs I recorded on the album.

“This process was the fun process for me because it challenged me,” she continued. “Troy Taylor and Johnta, they are both perfectionists and musically OCD, which is dope for me that I get to challenge myself and not just go into the studio and just sing, however, I want to sing.”

Hawthorne says the “two legendary men” made her “work for” this “special” record, which samples Donnie McClurkin‘s 1996 single, “Speak to My Heart.” 

“I called [Donnie] and was like, ‘Hey, we have a really…dope idea for this song for one of your songs, and I really hope that you would allow me to do it,'” Hawthorne continues. “He was just like, ‘Just go ahead and do whatever God is leading you to do.’ So I just said ‘Amen’ and I ran with that.”

“So shoutout to Uncle Don for allowing the next generation to do what we feel God is really calling us to do,” added Hawthorne. 

I AM is out now. 

By Rachel George
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