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Kim Coles explains why it was "fun to create" her "bold, brazen and sassy" 'In the Cut' character

Courtesy of Kim Coles

Kim Coles is opening up about the “great fun” she had while filming the seventh season of Bounce TV’s In the Cut

On the new season, Kim plays Trish, an outspoken restaurant manager. Coles tells ABC Audio that having the freedom to help create her own character was a welcomed experience.

“I hadn’t done anything like this before,” she says. “I’d never.. [been] a part of a show where they just say it’s on the page and then whatever you do off the page we’re going to love.”

Coles, who describes her character as “bold, brazen and sassy,” says that as the season plays out, fans will get to see Trish “taking more ownership of… the diner that she’s running.” They will also get to see her interact with her real-life friend Mark Curry.

“And then to work with Mark Curry, who is unpredictable at best and wild at best… is a joy for someone like me because I’m a comedian first,” she says. “[We are] both… stand up comedians. And to work with someone who’s going to throw something at you and you’ve got to go, ‘Can I catch this? I don’t know if I can catch it. Oh, I caught it. Now. Boom. Back at you,’ was delightful.”

“It was really delightful because he’s unpredictable,” she continues. “And so that made going to work and doing those scenes with him just a joy.”

While working with Mark was definitely icing on the cake, Cole says it was the simple things that made her experience enjoyable. 

“I love that I wear pretty much one thing each day,” she says. “So it was kind of fun to create this indelible, crazy, big, bold, anything goes kind of character.” 

In The Cut returns tonight at 9 p.m. ET on Bounce.

By Candice Williams
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