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Kim Coles explains why a 'Living Single' revival hasn't happened yet

Courtesy of Kim Coles

Kim Coles is more than ready to reprise her role as Queen Latifah‘s lovable cousin and roommate, Synclaire Jones, for a forthcoming revival of the ’90s hit sitcom Living Single.

However, Coles tells ABC Audio that might not happen anytime soon considering one of the cast members is not 100 percent on board.

“There’s a certain number of things that have to be in place in order for this person to say ‘yes,'” Coles says, referring to an unnamed cast mate who has not yet signed on.

“And I have to respect that… especially since I’m hoping that they change their mind,” she continues. “And believe me, I’d be trying to change their mind a lot. And it’s not like an anti- ‘I don’t want to do the show.’ It’s just…[they] need certain things to be in place in a very secure way in order for [them] to say ‘yes.'”

The series, which ran for five seasons from 1993 to 1998, followed six friends who lived together in a Brooklyn brownstone and experienced love, life and career ups and downs. In addition to Coles and Latifah, the series starred Erica Alexander, Kim Fields,  T.C. Carson and John Henton.

While some fans may have an inkling who the cast member might be, Coles says, “it’s not who you think it is,” adding that everyone has their “own desire for what the requirement would have to be” for them to return.

Still, Coles says there is hope and that “a powerful ‘yes’ from everyone is [all that’s] needed.”

“We know the fans are ‘yes,'” Coles says. “I will happily come back to do Synclaire for a little bit…So before everything falls all the way apart, I’m all for it. It’s just a matter of all the yeses aligning to make it happen.” 

By Candice Williams
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