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Kiana Ledé shares how she copes with her anxiety

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As Mental Health Awareness Month begins, Kiana Ledé says she’s developed new coping mechanisms over the last year to deal with her anxiety.

The pop-R&B singer suggests everyone should seek healthier options to express themselves and release their emotions. 

“If you don’t have a therapist, get one, even if you don’t think you have any problems, you’d be surprised why you do certain things you do. And just to learn about it is really interesting,” Ledé tells ABC Audio. “Even if you’re not necessarily a stressful person or you don’t live a quote unquote stressful life, just sitting and sifting through your thoughts and emotions with somebody is always helpful, especially when they’re professional.”

Ledé said her therapist recommended she ask herself more “constructive questions rather than self-deprecating…or anxiety-filled questions,” such as, “Will this thought benefit me? How will this thought benefit me? And is it a valid thought?”

For those dealing with anxiety, the “Attention” singer personally recommends “working out” and even turning to your phone. 

“The Calm app is my best friend. I love the Calm app and especially when you’re falling asleep at night, because you know, sometimes your mind likes to race and you get insomnia,” Kiana says. “But the Calm app has sleep stories, which are great.”

The 24-year-old also suggests individuals be more open about “communicating” how they feel with others.

“Because a lot of times I realized that my anxiety comes from not just communicating my emotions and my feelings and what I think should be done or something that I didn’t like previously that I’ve been illuminating on,” Ledé adds. “So just opening up myself for communication really helps.” 

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