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Kevin Hart explains why he wanted his voice to "drive home" the message in new Audible book 'The Decision'

(ABC/Ida Mae Astute)


Kevin Hart can now add life-coach to his already impressive resume with the release of his self-help Audible book The Decision: Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Success

The new audio book, which offers practical advice to help people reach their goals, is an exciting venture for Hart, whose previous book, I Can’t Make This Up became a New York Times best-seller. Hart tells ABC Audio that this time around he wanted to bypass the hard copy and give his fans his authentic voice.

“I thought that my voice can drive home the premise a little better,” he says. “This is one where you’ve got to listen to me.”

“You have to hear me speak passionately and with the personality attached to some of these topics and subjects, because it lessens the seriousness of it,” he continues. “Because it’s very serious. But, the way that I’m presenting it takes some of the tension away.”

Some of those “serious” topics include Kevin’s take on why your comfort zone is the worst place on Earth and how having ugly feet is actually a blessing in disguise. 

“It’s valuable information,” he explains. “And it’s something that I felt should be verbal.”

While Kevin is confident that the “response [to his book] is going to be unreal,” in deep reflection, he humbly admits that most practical life lessons come from those who know you the best.

“The biggest lesson… from my mom was: don’t start things that we can’t finish,” Hart says. “There’s no reason to step into something if you don’t plan on giving it your all.”

“And that’s one of the best lessons that I can say that’s been given to me,” he admits. “It was simple, but yet so profound and so important.”

The Decision is available now on Audible.