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Kenny Mason says ‘Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut’ “showed a lot of growth in a year”

Nasser Boulaich

Rapper Kenny Mason doesn’t shy away from experimenting with other genres of music, including rock and some electronic sounds.

After releasing his 2020 album, Angelic Hoodrat, the alternative artist dropped an extended version, Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut, last month. 

“I think these songs showed a lot of growth in a year. They really wrapped up my full ideas that I had originally going into Angelic Hoodrat,” Mason tells HotNewHipHop for their Rise & Grind series. 

“The original version was real experimental. And I feel like I got to a point on this one where it’s like, these are just songs for people to enjoy and not think too hard about a narrative or a concept,” he explains. “This is just the sound that I want to have. I just want to have a solid list of songs for folks to enjoy.”

The “Hit” artist says he cares more about his music changing people’s lives and less about “getting awards, looks or publicity, lights and stuff like that.”

With inspiration from Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, and other alternative artists, he plans to venture into Vaporwave music, which is a micro-genre of electronic music.

“That’s something I’d be working on, and it’s a long process. I’m trying to figure out that, but I like that type of stuff,” Mason continues. “I love older, like ’70s soul and late blues, and even the beginnings of rock and roll because a lot of people don’t give credit to a lot of those Black artists that started rock and roll. I get inspiration from them too.”

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