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KEM shares his new album, 'Love Always Wins'

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On Friday, KEM released his fifth studio album, Love Always Wins.  The father of three, who says parenting is the “most challenging and the most rewarding thing” he’s ever done, says a song or two from the album were inspired by his oldest son, Christopher.

“Having children exposes your vulnerabilities,” KEM tells ABC Audio. “[It] exposes things about myself, things that I wasn’t even aware of.”

Particularly with son Christopher, KEM finds it difficult to have conversations about policy brutality — a talk his father never had with him.

I’ve never had that experience,” he admits. “But now that I have a son, I see it from a whole ‘nother perspective. It definitely opens you up and it’s a huge undertaking.”

KEM says it will be “at least a year from now” before he’s back on stage performing songs from his new album.   In light of concert and venue cancellations due to COVID-19, he said he’s working on a “special high-level” streaming performance for fans to enjoy at home. In the meantime, he’ll continue making music and perfecting his craft.  

“I’m going to keep cultivating my craft and keep in touch with my fans,” says KEM. “You know that’s the one thing about this whole thing is we can still connect with each other. (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Love Always Wins, is available everywhere now, featuring his chart-topping single, “Lie to Me,” and duets with Toni Braxton and Erica Campbell.

By Rachel George
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