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KEM says, "I never dreamed that I would be making the music that I'm making today"

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R&B singer KEM says he’s “amazed” at the music he’s making today, as he prepares to release his fifth studio album Love Always Wins. 

With three Grammy nominations and six #1 hit singles, KEM says he never imagined reaching this level of success.

“The KEM of 10 years ago would be amazed at the music he’s making today,” he tells ABC Audio. “Even the adolescent, KEM. I think about when I first started wanting to be in the music business and wanting to have music be my vocation. I never dreamed that I would be making the music that I’m making today.”

For this album, KEM made a few changes to his sound and production team to fully capture his “evolution” since his 2003 debut Kemistry

“And I was forced into that because of the changes that have taken place,” the “Live Out Your Love” singer explains. “You know, working with a new producer, Derek DOA Allen. He put a lot of the music together. This is probably the most contemporary production musically on record that I’ve ever done.”

One of the album’s tracks, “Can’t Stop Giving Love,” has a frequency of 120 beats a minute, which is more uptempo compared to his signature romantic ballads.

“You really don’t think that KEM can go there. But I can go there,” he says. “I really wanted to at this stage of my life, this season of my life [with] five albums and [being] with Motown…[for] 19 years. I can express fully what I want to do musically and I didn’t hold back and pull back any punches on this album.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Kem’s new album Love Always Wins arrives on August 28th. 

By Rachel George
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