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KEM says Erica Campbell was a "blessing" to his new album, 'Love Always Wins'

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After his romantic duet Toni Braxton, R&B singer KEM is preparing to release another powerful duet with gospel vocalist Erica Campbell.

He previously said the track “perfectly reflects the energy I want to send out into the world today.”

Turns out the track is suitable for any setting, whether played in church, or while having a night out with some friends. 

“You can do both,” KEM says. “Jesus won’t be mad at you if you listen. The subject matter…[is] love is universal. So it’s all spiritual…all good. It’s all the same thing.”

KEM says he was looking to feature someone that would give the track a “bona fide gospel buy on the back end of the song,” when someone suggested Erica’s astonishing voice. 

“I’ve loved Mary Mary, of course, for years. And every time I see Erica, we have a chance to bump into each other on the road,” he continues. “She’s always very gracious to me.”

He didn’t intend for the track to be a duet, and once he heard the “magic” coming from Erica’s vocals, he couldn’t resist. 

“It was like ‘Oh ok so this is magic. So this is what this is,'” KEM says. “She was a blessing to this project and my hope is that this song, “Love Always Wins” is a blessing to everybody that hears it.”  (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

You can hear the “magic” between Erica and KEM on his new album Love Always Wins, arriving this Friday.

By Rachel George
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