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Kellita Smith says she'd like to see an Original Kings of Comedy reunion happen, even without Bernie Mac

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Bernie Mac Show alum Kellita Smith is weighing in on the possibility of an Original Kings of Comedy reunion without the late, great Bernie Mac

Smith tells ABC Audio that even though Mac was an Original King of Comedy, she would be okay with seeing then rest of the Kings — including Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and D.L. Hughley — all reunite on tour.

“I’m always down for greats to continue to be great, you know?” she says. “There’s one man gone, or absent, but I don’t think it should impede it’s progress. I think all those guys deserve to be showcased.”

In 2018, Cedric the Entertainer had revealed that the four comedians “were very close” to a reunion right before Mac became ill and later passed away unexpectedly in 2008 from pneumonia. Smith says that even though Bernie’s gone, his Kings of Comedy slot could be an opportunity for the next generation of comedians to be showcased.

“Maybe with that slot of his absence, maybe that’s a rotating slot… to bring on someone new, up and coming,” she says. “Someone good…. [like a] Spotlight Showcase segment part.”

Smith says that giving someone else an opportunity to step in would help to continue Mac’s legacy as both comedian and mentor.

“Let his name be something. Let his presence be something,” she says. “Not to be dormant or to just be ignored. You know, give it homage.”

By Candice Williams
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