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Kel Mitchell releases new hip hop anthem, “Blessed Mode”

Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Writers Guild

Two-time Emmy-nominated actor Kel Mitchell‘s new song, “Blessed Mode,” is one that you’ll definitely want to add to your playlist.

The upbeat hip hop anthem, featuring Scootie Wop and nobigdyl., has a booming bass perfect for a workout or whenever you just want to jam out, feel uplifted, invigorated, and victorious. The lyrics echo that same sentiment, as Mitchell raps in the first verse: “Hey now, hey / I’m ’bout to praise in the middle of His house / And I get up, sun-up, devil, all mad ‘Cause I’m done with sinnin’ (Done) / Born again, I changed my endin’.”

“This what it mean to be blessed,” the chorus goes. “I know the way to be blessed / Call me, I get you / Blessed mode, blessed.”

If the phrase “Blessed Mode” sounds familiar, that’s probably because just a few months ago Mitchell released a book with the same name, Blessed Mode: 90 Days to Level Up Your Faith. In fact, the producer, comedian, pastor, author and artist tells ABC Audio that his new track was inspired by the book.

Both the book “Blessed Mode” the song are out now. If you’ve enjoyed them, Mitchell says there is definitely more of both on the way. 

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