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Keke Palmer says she wants to create a version of 'The View' for millennials

ABC/Paula Lobo

Following the cancellation of Strahan, Sara & Keke due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Keke Palmer is already working on her return to daytime television.

The 26-year-old proposed her idea of a new talk show on Monday, asking her nearly two million followers, “If I were to create a [sic] millnnial ‘The View’, who would you want to be my co-hosts?”

Of course, fans were quick to nominate stars like Zendaya and Cole Sprouse while others threw their name into the ring.

In addition to looking toward the future, Palmer also took a look at the past by showing fans some never-before-seen footage of her pilot Keke & Jamal that was shopped to the Disney Channel roughly 15 years ago.  She posted the opening credits along with two clips featuring her, her on-screen brother Andre Jamal Kinney and pre-High School Musical Vanessa Hudgens.

While the show ultimately wasn’t picked up, Palmer said that was the opportunity that truly opened the door for her.

“When I first moved to California I was introduced to Ralph Farquhar (one of the creators of The Proud Family, Moesha, The Parker’s etc) he took a chance on me and he landed me this pilot with Disney Channel that didn’t get picked up called Keke & Jamal,” The Hustlers star explained in the caption before providing a synopsis of the show.

“It was loosely based on my life. A little girl named Keke with big dreams of being an entertainer and her tight nit family,” she continued, adding that she was 10-years-old when she shot the pilot on the old set of That’s So Raven.

“True dream come true for me and like a fairytale,” Palmer concluded. “I hope it makes you laugh like it has [made] me hahaha whew.”

By Megan Stone
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