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Kehlani dishes on taking creative control of her career

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Kehlani has been taking full advantage of her creative courage over the past few months with her quarantine-style videos, which she creates herself under her alias, Hyphy Williams.

The R&B singer says it’s part of her plan to re-define success. 

“I let go of the idea that success looks one way,” she told Bustle. “There’s so much abundance in this industry for us all to exist and thrive at the same time. And I’m here taking care of my family. I’m very blessed…and proud of the art that I made.”

Since her SweetSexySavage debut in 2017, Kehlani has battled with depression and other traumatic life experiences. But with her latest album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, she was ready to open up.

“I was so geeked up to have gotten to this finish line of making this album that I was so proud of and had made so many plans for,” Kehlani continued. “I had done the [mental] work to be like, “OK, I’m ready to be outside.”

When the “outside” eventually shut down, Kehlani opted to promote herself with her Honey Shot Productions company, from her garage with her two friends. She says you can “physically see the growth” from her first video, “Toxic,” to the late video release for “Can I?

“I finally got to force myself into learning all these skills that I always wanted to learn,” Kehlani says.

By Rachel George
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