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K. Michelle announces her sixth and final R&B album

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for BET

After 12 years as a recording artist, K. Michelle says she is about to release her sixth and final R&B album in March.

The “V.S.O.P.” singer tweeted that the project, titled I’m the Problem, “is definitely some ole school 90’s R&B crying s***.”

In a separate tweet, the former Love & Hip Hop star noted about the current state of R&B, “It’s a lot of awesome R&B music out now. The sound is just different right now. Every artist has their o[w]n take and version of R&B, and that’s what makes it so dope. I love 90’s vibes. The Jagged EdgeMary [J. Blige], Brandy, Usher.”

Michelle says she was “going to pick the songs that show my true emotions,” and wants her R&B career to “end honest.” The 39-year-old entertainer plans to changes lanes and segue into country music.

As she records her upcoming album, her Lifetime series, My Killer Body with K. Michelle, will premiere on Thursday, February 3, at 9 p.m ET. The show will focus on her recovery from harmful body enhancements and document the journeys of other women who’ve had traumatic cosmetic surgery experiences.

“I decided to have an open form of communication that could save someone’s life. I WISH someone had told me the truth,” Michelle wrote about the series in an Instagram post. 

“This world is a tough place and will tear you down if you let it, she added. “I’m so blessed to have met a group of individuals who are struggling to live, who just want to heal, and they want to share their true story to help other woman and men.”

The Memphis, Tennessee, singer will also star in the Lifetime film Single Black Female, premiering Thursday, February 3.

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