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Justin Bieber kicks off new era with new single "Holy" featuring Chance The Rapper

Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Universal Music

Justin Bieber‘s new era in music has finally arrived with the release of his highly anticipated new single “Holy” featuring Chance the Rapper.

Bieber dropped his new song and accompanying music video, which stars Ryan Destiny, at the stroke of midnight on Friday.  The upbeat gospel single not only serves as a love letter to the person who can cure even the darkest of days with a touch but also promises that he’s found the love of his life, even though people say they’re both “too young.”

“I don’t do well with drama/ And no I can’t stand it being fake/ I don’t believe in nirvana/ But the way that we love in the night gave me life/ Baby, I can’t explain,” Bieber gently sings as the piano, tambourine and drums swell joyfully in the background.

The emotional music video details the story of a young couple who endure the worst day of their life.

Bieber loses his job and Destiny loses her favorite elderly patient — but the hits keep coming as Bieber’s truck breaks down and he’s forced to walk home, arriving just as their screaming landlord smears an eviction notice on their door.

With only a couple of suitcases and the love they have for another to their name, they walk hand in hand into an uncertain future until a compassionate soldier in his Army fatigues, played by Wilmer Valderrama, pulls up next to them, saying he’s “heading in the direction of a warm meal” and offers them a ride.

It’s then revealed that Valderrama was discharged that day, as seen by his overjoyed kids who throw themselves into his open arms when he walks into his house — reminding Bieber and Destiny there’s still love in the world.

“Holy” is Justin’s follow-up to “Intentions,” featuring Quavo.

By Megan Stone
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