‘Just spend time alone with her;’ teacher wanted sex with 2-year-old girl at hotel: PBSO


Deputies say a teacher charged with soliciting a 2-year-old girl wanted to spend time alone with her for sex at a hotel in Lantana.

The new information is revealed in the arrest report for Xavier Donte Alexander, the 27-year-old teacher from Grove Park Elementary School in Palm Beach Gardens. Deputies arrested him last week on obscene communication charges. He’s accused of using a computer to seduce or solicit a child and traveling to meet up with the child.

According to the arrest report, a man with a two-year-old daughter put an ad on Craigslist on March 26 for someone to share the cost of a hotel room with him. The father told investigators he and his daughter needed a place to stay until he moved into a new home on April 1. “No weirdos or drugs please, 420 friendly,” the ad read.

Investigators said the father received a text message that same day from a man named “Matthew,” who inquired about the hotel room. The father said he received a text message from the suspect which read, “So would it be just you me and her?” The father said yes. A short time later, the father received another text message which read, “Also would I ever be alone with your daughter?” The father replied, “No.” The father said the suspect sent another text which read, “Ah well I think ill go elsewhere good luck.”

At that moment, the father contacted the sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s office said a deputy, posing as the father, started up a conversation with the suspect:

Deputy: Your not gonna hurt her right? shes young

Suspect: No i wont hurt her

Deputy: I just want to know what your plans are so i know

Suspect: Just spend time alone with her

Deputy: No problem im fie with it

Suspect: Cool what time are you free tomorrow

Deputy: Ive done somethings with her before so shes been there before youll at least wear a condom right? I wanna know shes safe

Suspect: Yes i will

Deputy: ok no problem is 6pm cool

Suspect: that works, let me know which hotel at 8:00PM

Deputy: Motel 6 in Lantana

The sheriff’s office said investigators instructed the father to text the suspect that his daughter is sick and in the hospital for a few days. “Seems a bit suspicious. But okay. Any pics of her so I know its real?” wrote the suspect in a text. The father replied “no.”

Investigators said the suspect reached out several timers over the next few days to check on the condition of the father’s daughter.

A deputy posing as the girl’s father sent a text to the suspect on March 31 to say she’s getting released from the hospital. The sheriff’s office said they arranged to meet at the Super 8 Motel on Hypoluxo Road in Lantana the next morning. Deputies with PBSO’s Tactical Operation Team greeted Alexander as he arrived at the motel.

According to the arrest report, Alexander admitted to replying to an ad on Craigslist for an opportunity to have a sexual encounter with a two-year-old girl. He said he bought a box of condoms at the gas station across the street and withdrew $200 from an ATM to help pay for two nights at the hotel.

Alexander, according to investigators, said he had a sexual addiction and that women, men, and bestiality no longer satisfied his needs. he also admitted to being a teacher at Grove Park Elementary School and a babysitter on He said he’s never touched a child in a sexual manner, but admitted to he became sexually aroused when babysitting children in the past by grazing over their genitals on top of their clothing or giving them wedgies.

One coworker told CBS12 she found it unusual that Alexander would meet alone with certain boys from his classroom.

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Alexander is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail on a $1 million bond.

The sheriff’s office believes there may be more victims.

Anyone who thinks their child may be a victim is asked to call Detective Malory Wildove at 561-688-4079, or by email at People can also make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers at 800-458-TIPS (8477).