Mark McCrazy

Jury: Nouman Raja Guilty Of Manslaughter And Attempted First Degree Murder

A Palm Beach County jury reached guilty verdict against a former Palm Beach Gardens cop charged with gunning down a stranded motorist in 2015.
The judge called for peace and appealed to everyone to remain calm when the verdict is read. He told the jurors to leave immediately and they are not required to
talk to anyone about their decision. Jurors are allowed to talk about the decision if they so choose.
Prosecutors contended Nouman Raja’s behavior was reckless when he approached Corey Jones’ vehicle without wearing his police vest or badge.
But Raja’s lead attorney, Richard Lubin, countered his client was faced with a life-or-death situation and had seconds to react.
The jury did not believe the defense and found probable cause in the case.
Raja was remanded and is in custody and will be sentenced in 45 days.
Raja faces up to life in prison.