Jury finds Travis Rudolph not guilty

After a two-week trial, a jury has found Travis Rudolph not guilty for shooting two individuals, resulting in the death of one, outside his family’s Lake Park residence in April 2021.

According to the sheriff’s office report, the incident unfolded when four individuals arrived at Rudolph’s house following an argument between Rudolph and a woman he was seeing at the time. After an altercation took place outside, Rudolph retrieved a gun and fired shots as the individuals drove away. Rudolph claims self-defense.

The state argues that Rudolph was not in immediate danger at the time of the shooting and was, in fact, the one pursuing the four men.

Emotions outside the courtroom remained tense as the jury decided their verdict. Terrenie Coleman, Travis Rudolph’s sister, shared the potential impact of a not-guilty verdict on the Rudolph family.

“It means freedom. It means truth. God has set us free, and they have the truth now. The world has seen everything, and now it’s up to the jury to make the decision,” Coleman said.

The family of Sebastian Jean Jacques, the man who lost his life during the shooting, has refrained from making any comments until after the verdict.