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Juneteenth On The Yard!

HBCU student Elijah Rutland is celebrating being Black & Unlimited with his love for art and HBCU family traditions.

On June 19th, African-American people across the US take part in various events to celebrate the abolition of slavery.

While many normally celebrate by participating in annual festivals or hosting big parties and barbecues, some of these events have been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic crisis.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, some wonder whether it’s appropriate to say ‘Happy Juneteenth Day’.

Juneteenth falls on June 19th every year and celebrates the end of slavery in the US.

While Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation back in January 1st in 1863, it took a few years for many enslaved African-American people to claim their freedom.

June 19th in 1865 marks the day when more than 1,800 troops arrived in Texas to free the remaining enslaved people in the state.

Since then, African-American people across the US celebrate Juneteenth with various festivities and events.