Judge Orders Google To Hand Over Jussie Smollett’s Data

Illinois Judge Michael Toomin has ordered Google to hand over data from Jussie Smollett and his manager.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the data will include their texts, emails, photos, location data, drafted and deleted messages, any files in their Google Drive cloud storage services, Google Voice texts, calls, and contacts, as well as their search and web browsing history, dated between November 2018 and November 2019.

The order was signed on December 6, 2019. Judge Toomin advised Google’s “representatives, agents, and employees” not to disclose that the order was being made as it could “jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation.”

Investigators in the case hope to use the data to determine whether Smollett’s attack was premeditated and if Jussie and his manager had contact with each other after the charges against Jussie were dropped.

Do you think prosecutors will find data that will incriminate Jussie and his manager? Do you believe that Jussie was attacked or was it staged?