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John Legend admits he and wife Chrissy Teigen go to couple's therapy

ABC/Craig Sjodin

John Legend is crediting couple’s therapy for keeping his marriage with wife Chrissy Teigen happy and healthy.  The EGOT winner also opened up about what makes his relationship successful.

“We go to therapy sometimes,” Legend said during a recent Cosmopolitan UK interview. “I think every couple who has been together for a long time could use time to talk with a third party to help with whatever concerns they have.”

The “Wild” singer went on to express what he believes are the pillars of a successful relationship.  “It sounds obvious but being with someone you really care about, respect and enjoy being around. I think that’s the crucial foundation,” he noted. “Then communicating, being considerate, listening to your partner and making sure their needs are met.”

As for whatever bumps in the road he and the Cravings author deal with, Legend admits, “There’s always a moment when you’ll annoy your partner or do something inconsiderate. Usually my fault.”

However, despite a few tiffs here and there, The Voice judge attested that, “We don’t have big knock-downs. We really have a great life together and I’m so happy with what we’ve built.”

He then shared an important piece of advice, saying, “Any of the differences we have or arguments are just so minor and minuscule compared to all the great times we’ve had together.”

Legend also opened up about how his family is enduring the stressors brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, joking that “our kids are in heaven” because “we’re spending a lot of time with each other.”

As for how he and Teigen feel about baby number three, the 41-year-old grinned, “I guess all of our time spent at home together was enough to conquer any fertility challenges we had.”

By Megan Stone
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