“Joe Biden” Appears In Campaign Video With “Chris Paul & Steph Curry”!

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s outreach is even stretching to the basketball universe in order to engage voters as time before Election Day grows shorter.

In a video newly released by the campaign, he meets with Oklahoma CIty Thunder superstar guard Chris Paul to discuss the importance of casting a vote. In the midst of the video, Paul puts in a Facetime call to Golden State Warriors’ multi-champion guard Steph Curry while introducing Biden during a visit with a Charlotte high school basketball team which was at the city’s Carole Hoefner Center, according to USA Today.

“Even though you guys are not old enough to vote, right now at this time encourage people, man, like in them group chats that y’all in with your homies and your friends,” Paul says, speaking candidly. “You know how everyone tells you that you’re the future, right? No, y’all the right now.”

The video is just an introduction to an 11-minute version that features a longer conversation between Biden and Paul, which will be released later on social media at a time still to be announced.

Paul met up with Biden when he came to Charlotte and attended a Black economics summit recently in late September.

While campaigning in Gettysburg, Pa., on Tuesday, Oct. 7, Biden spoke about social justice and the reactions to police violence involving African Americans that has gripped the national conversation this year. He brought up Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers, who gave an emotional statement after the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wis., last month.

“Doc Rivers, the basketball coach, was choking back tears when he said, ‘We’re the ones getting killed. We’re the ones getting shot. We’ve been hung. It’s amazing how we’re loving this country, when this country does not love us back.’ I think about that,” said Biden. “I think about what it takes for a Black person to love America. That is a deep love for this country, that has for far too long never been recognized.”

Curry, who spoke in a video supporting Biden at the Democratic National Convention in August, and Paul are just two NBA stars endorsing Biden. Others, include L.A. Lakers superstar forward LeBron James, NBA legend Magic Johnson the 76ers guard Ben Simmons, and the Sacramento Kings’ forward Harrison Barnes.