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Jéan Elie says "it's dope" having Issa Rae as a big sister and mentor: "She's amazing like that"

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Ahead of the season finale of HBO’s Insecure, Jéan Elie — who plays Issa Rae‘s younger brother on the hit  series — is sharing what it’s really like to have the mega-star as his big sis.

“Having Issa Rae as a big sister is fun,” Elie tells ABC Audio. “She’s messy on the show. So it’s cool to like play with that. And our chemistry is really great. On and off screen.”

While Elie is thankful for their strong relationship as peers, the young actor reveals that Rae is more of a role model to him.

“I enjoy when I see her out and about or when I’m calling her,” he says. “And she does give me advice because she’s doing everything I want to do. She created her own show. She’s starring in other movies. She’s doing everything she wants and building her own empire.”

“And that’s exactly what I want to do,” he continues, adding that Rae’s also the perfect person to “bounce ideas off of and talk to.”

“I remember when I got the opportunity to create my own show and I was asking her all kinds of questions and she was ready to help me,” Elie says, referring to his upcoming project Send Help.

“Tell me what I need… what I need to ask for… how should I do this… and how should I do that?,” he recalls asking. “She’s great to have in your corner.”

Still, Elie says the best thing about working with Rae is really her encouragement “to see you grow as an artist and as an actor.”

“She’s amazing like that,” he says. “So, yeah, it’s dope having Issa as a sister on the show and having her as… a mentor.” 

The season finale of Insecure airs Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET.

By Candice Williams
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